Download : The True Story of the Internet

download the true story of the internet?

Download : The True Story of the Internet
Language: English
Duration: 77mins x 2
Resolution: 688×288
File Type: Avi | XviD
File Size: 700MB x 2
Genre: Documentary

Download: The True Story of the Internet is about a revolution – the technological, cultural, commercial and social revolution that has radically changed our lives.And for the first time on television, we hear how it happened from the men and women who made it possible. From the founders of eBay, Yahoo, Amazon, Netscape, Google and many others, we hear amazing stories of how, in ten short years, the Internet took over our lives.
Part 1: Browser Wars
This is the story of an epic battle between America’s mightiest corporation and a small group of “computer geeks” who created a revolutionary technology. | | | | |

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