Dracula :level 3 – pre-intermediate

dracula level 3 - pre-intermediate?Dracula :level 3 – pre-intermediate
Author: Bram Stoker
Publisher: Penguin Reader
Publication date: 2008
ISBN: 9781405855440
Format: PDF, Mp3
Size: 349 MB

Jonathan Harker goes on a business trip to meet Count Dracula in his dark castle somewhere in Transylvania. He realises straight away that the Count is a strange and evil man. He tries to escape but fails. Back in England, Lucy, a friend of Jonathan’s girlfriend Mina, becomes mysteriously ill after an encounter with something strange in her garden. She is pale, tired, and has two marks on her neck.
Doctor Seward writes to his friend, Professor Van Helsing, or help. Lucy dies and is buried. A number of children are then found with marks on their necks and Van Helsing knows that Lucy has come back to life as a vampire. He and his companions go to the coffin and push a wooden stake into her heart and cut off her head. Van Helsing sets out a plan to kill Dracula. The men first go to Carfax House, where Dracula is thought to be hiding, but they find nothing except old boxes full of earth. Then, they witness Mina drinking Dracula’s blood. They challenge him but he escapes. Van Helsing knows that Dracula has infected Mina in the same way as Lucy, and there follows a race against time. They chase Dracula across Europe to his castle and kill him. Mina is saved

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