Fashion & Lies (Level 5)

fashion lies level 5
Fashion & Lies (Level 5)
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Password Readers is a collection of original and classic fictional titles that have been adapted to fit the needs of English language learners. The series provides a functional and accessible didactic apparatus which facilitates learner autonomy. Each reader is made up of brief six-page chapters, in which the flow of the story alternates with activities which reinforce vocabulary and reading skills. After each reading, there is a non-fictional text related to the main topic. Each reader is packaged with a fully dramatized Audio CD.
Key features
* Large, full-color illustrations facilitate general comprehension
* Active vocabulary is highly controlled and highlighted in text
* Pre-reading activities focus on general themes and prepare the reader for difficult vocabulary
* After-reading activities facilitate understanding and vocabulary acquisition, and motivate the reader to continue
* The Glossary groups all the key words and the activities reinforce their acquisition
* Non-fiction cultural information related to the context of the story and its characters provides fiction and related non-fiction, together
Beginner (level 1) – Benchmarked to The Common European Framework A1
Elementary (level 2) – Benchmarked to Cambridge Exam KET & The Common European Framework A2Pre
Pre-Intermediate (level 3) – Benchmarked to Cambridge Exam PET & The Common European Framework B1
Intermediate (level 4)- Benchmarked to Cambridge Exam FCE & The Common European Framework B2
Upper-Intermediate (level 5)- Benchmarked to Cambridge Exam CAE & The Common European Framework C1


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