Author: Judith Wilson, Richard Acklam, Jacky Newbrook
Publisher: Pearson Longman
Year: 2008
Format:PDF + MP3
Size: 272 Mb
Language: English

Each of the 14 units in the Coursebook provides an integrated package containing practice for all the five Papers in the FCE exam, as well as grammar, vocabulary and fluency practice, all linked to a theme which often features in the FCE exam. Basic errors which are typical of FCE students are highlighted in Watch Out! boxes. A key feature of each unit is the Exam focus section, which presents the techniques and strategies required for a specific task in the FC exam, and provides exam level practice.
At the back of the Coursebook you will find: a section containing visuals for the Paper 5 Speaking tasks in the units; Communication activities; a Grammar reference and a Writing reference. The Communication activities include role-plays, information gap activities, answers to quizzes in the units, etc. The Grammar reference is a mini-grammar covering all the grammar points dealt with in the units. The Writing reference provides model answers for all the types of writing tested at FCE, together with a list of Dos and Don’ts, an examples of useful language. There are also authentic student answers which students can evaluate using the general marking guidelines provided. These student answers show clearly what is expected in FCE answers in different bands.

This Teacher’s Book provides suggestions on how to use the material in the FCE Gold Plus Coursebook to best advantage. Answers to all exercises in the Coursebook are found at the end of each section of notes.
To facilitate lesson planning, the general Aims of each unit section are explained at the start. Exam information boxes give further useful information about the exam where appropriate.
Teaching tips and ideas suggest ways of presenting and practising the material in the Coursebook, or provide suggestions for further activities where appropriate.
The recording scripts for all the Listening tasks in the units are at the back of the book so that they can be photocopied easily if you want to use them with your students.
There is also a section of photocopiable activities which provide extra communicative practice in key skill areas. These are linked to the units and provide extra practice of an important area presented in the unit. Detailed teaching notes state the aims and rationale of each photocopiable activity, and provide a step-by-step procedure for using them in class.
You will also find a bank of 14 photocopiable tests, made up of 11 Unit tests and 3 Progress tests.


he listening texts are from a range of sources, and the recordings present students with a variety of (mild) accents. In addition to exam-style tasks, there are also four songs, which provide further skills practice as well as the opportunity for students to listen for pleasure.

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