Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Business English (video and book)

market leader upper intermediate business english video and book?

Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Business English (video and book)
Author: Helena Gomm
Publisher: Longman
Publication date: May 18, 2006
ISBN: 1405823348
Number of pages: 48

Format / Quality: pdf, avi
Size: 334MB

Marker Leader Upper Intermediate New Edition Video can be used alongside the Market Leader course, or as freestanding material for students of upper-intermediate level. Market Leader Upper Intermediate New Edition Video is divided into five programs, each discussing a key business issue: international marketing, business relationships, e-commerce, customer service and mergers and acquisitions. In each program there is an authentic interview with a top-ranking manager or CEO, and the interviewees represent a range of different industries.

Video Resource Book
Each unit is divided into sections:
– Before you watch
– Starting-up

This section contains questions to encourage students to start thinking about the topic of the programme. Background information is given about each of the five companies represented in the video.

Video vocabulary
A variety of exercises prepare students for the vocabulary they will encounter in the programme. While this section is designed to aid comprehension, students may also want to learn these business words and expressions for productive use.

Video on
After an initial viewing of the whole programme, the interview is dealt with in segments. Students wilt need to watch each segment several times to answer the questions.

Talking points
This opens out the discussion with topic-related questions. A video script and answer key are supplied. You may like to give students the video script at the end of their work on each programme.


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