Talking Cock

talking cock?

Talking Cock
Director: Colin Goh
Cinematography: Colin Cheong
Release date: 22 May 2002
Language: Singlish, Malay, Tamil, Various Chinese Dialects
Subtitle: English & Chinese
File Type: RaR -> IsO
File Size: 3.87GB -> 4.29GB



Talking Cock the Movie is a Singapore film released in May 2002. It is the brainchild of Colin Goh, founder of Singaporean website,, which satirises local current affairs and politics, highlighting the importance of supporting free speech in Singapore.

The film features four short stories, linked by a series of sketches and animated sequences based on some of’s most popular characters, such as the Turbanator and Lim Peh. The stories are briefly as follows:
A young polytechnic graduate wants to dotcom his father’s loan shark business. A wry look at an old profession’s collision with the new economy.

Wrong Number
It is about a young man who loses his mobile phone in a taxi, and the strange circumstances that ensue when he meets the person who has found it.

A young girl working in a dim sum shop decides to woo one of her customers… with unexpected results.

Razi Learns To Rock
A hard rock band scrambles to find a substitute after losing their lead singer and has to educate him in the art of being cool. There is also other stuff, like the AUNtiES who take revenge on the poor rude businessman. First, they pour laxatives in the guy’s soup. Then they put itching powder in his toilet paper. Finally they fine him for parking illegally before he can drive off (due to the itchy bum he has).

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