A dictionary of Urdu, classical Hindi, and English

a dictionary of urdu classical hindi and english?

A dictionary of Urdu, classical Hindi, and English
Author: Platts, John Thompson
Publisher: W.H. Allen & Co.
Publication date: 1884
Number of pages: 448

Format / Quality: Pdf rar good
Size: 2mb

Urdu is a standardised register of Hindustani. It is the national language and one of the two official languages of Pakistan (the other being English), and one of 22 scheduled languages of India, as an official language of five Indian states. Its vocabulary developed under Persian, Arabic, Turkic, Sanskrit, and Pashto influence. Modern Urdu has taken almost 900 years to develop to its present form.Urdu was mainly developed in Uttar Pradesh which is the seat of Hindustani languages in the Indian Subcontinent, but began taking shape during the Delhi Sultanate as well as Mughal Empire (1526–1858) in South Asia. Urdu is the means of communication between the people from various provinces and regions of Pakistan. Due to historical affinities and a large number of Afghan refugees in Pakistan, Urdu is already read, understood and spoken by most Afghans.

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