algebra for the utterly confused?

Title: Algebra for the Utterly Confused
Author: Larry J. Stephens
Publisher: Mc Graw Hill
Publication Date: 2000
Number Of Pages: 240
Quality: Excellent
Language: English
Format: .pdf
Size: 1.2mb

Students and professionals alike must tap into their knowledge of algebra everyday, whether it’s for the SATs, college courses, or even the workplace. Author Larry Stephens presents a super-accessible approach to the subject that even the most math-phobic student can follow, featuring simplified rules and techniques based on real-world problems that use the principles of algebra for their solutions. Algebra for the Utterly Confused offers a user-friendly, logical, step-by-step approach to the fundamentals of algebra, integrating contemporary software as one of the key tools to assist in the solutions of the problems, including MINITAB, Excel spreadsheets, and Maple. Handy icons help students visualize concepts and techniques More than 200 solved problems and examples aid students in working out algebraic solutions Summary of key points for every chapter reinforces covered topics



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