Attention Games: 101 Fun, Easy Games That Help Kids Learn To Focus

attention games 101 fun easy games that help kids learn to focus?Attention Games: 101 Fun, Easy Games That Help Kids Learn To Focus
Author: Barbara Sher, Ralph Butler
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Publication date: 1 edition (July 18, 2006)
ISBN: 0471736546
Number of pages: 200
Format: PDF
Size: 2MB

If you want to focus children’s attention, you first have to capture their interest. Attention Games is filled with interesting and child-tested activities that can help children of all ages become better at focusing and paying attention. By sharing the upbeat, joyful activities in Attention Games, you can enhance your child’s intelligence, boost his confidence, increase his ability to concentrate on one thing for long periods, and show that you care. Developed by Barbara Sher—parent, teacher, play therapy specialist and pediatric occupational therapist—these activities are specially designed to encourage kids to expand their powers of attention in ways that will help them throughout their lives.


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