Aviation English: CD-ROM

aviation english cd-rom?Aviation English: CD-ROM
Format: NRG
Size: 577 MB

The accompanying CD-ROM provides interactive practice in authentic aviation situations and also contains downloadable class audio, video and answer key.
The CD-ROM material is split into 12 units which match those of the Student’s Book. It has two sections:
Section 1 – contains further practice on pronunciation and listening
Section 2 – contains animated interactive sequences in which students are encouraged to use the language taught in the corresponding unit in the book. Students can compare their own speech with model responses and take the role of any of the characters in the animation.
How to begin:
1. Extract winrar/ have .nrg file
2. Use Virtual driver mounts to .nrg file/ install it
3. Right-click on icon Aviation English (Desktop) / Properties
4. Shortcut tag/ find Target/ double-click on aviation.swf
This program doesn’t have direct access (.exe original CD ROM), so you make sure 2 steps 3,4 to begin next time.


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