Platform: MAC / PC | Win95-XP
Educational Game
Format: DAA
Size: 190 MB Packed | 300 MB Unpacked

Toddler software. There’s no replacement for your baby’s or toddler’s discovery of the real world. However, unlike for most of us as children, their real world includes the computer. The computer has many wonderful attributes that make it a valuable tool for parents of young children such as its ability to deliver high quality sounds and images while teaching cause and effect relationships. BabyWow 3.0 was created to reward a child’s natural curiosity about the computer with an interactive experience based on early development research. babyWOW! speaks 8 languages and let’s you add your own pictures. It doesn’t replace anything in your child’s life. Instead, it creates a new opportunity for you and your child to learn and interact together. Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese(Mandarin), Japanese, German, Portuguese,and French.

– For babies and toddlers 9mon-3yrs
– Speaks vocabulary in 8 languages
– Shows children pictures not drawings
– No computer knowledge require
– They just touch the keyboard
– Works on Macs and PCs
– “Time out” lets the parent decide how long the product will work
– Parent can add their own pictures
– If your child learns how to use the mouse, you can turn on “hotpsots” in some of the more advanced activities.

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Password: grafitti

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