Creative Resources for the Early Childhood Classroom

creative resources for the early childhood classroom?

Creative Resources for the Early Childhood Classroom
Author: Judy Herr, Yvonne R. Libby Larson
Publisher: Delmar Thomson Learning
ISBN: 0766805433
Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 25 MB

Whether you’re embarking on an exciting new career in early childhood or have been teaching your children for several years, this is the one resource you’ll treasure. It is the most complete guide to planning a developmentally appropriate curriculum for young children. This text focuses on the growth of the whole child and includes hundreds of activities that make education interesting and challenging for young children. You’ll get 67 themes with goals, concepts, vocabulary words, music, finger plays, experiences in mathematics, art, and cooking, resources and much more. An introduction helps teachers use the book more effectively, including discussion of how to use the thematic approach, suggestions for writing parent letters, and criteria for selecting children’s books.


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