Dictionary Kinyarwanda-English English-Kinyarwanda

Dictionary Kinyarwanda-English English-Kinyarwanda
Author: Elizabeth E. Cox
Publisher: Free Methodist Church of North America
Publication date: N.A.
Number of pages: 129

Format / Quality: PDF/ excellent
Size: 10,8 MB

Dictionary Kinyarwanda-English, English-Kinyarwanda
Prepared by Myra Adamson, Betty Ellen Cox, and Muriel H. Teusink
The purpose of this book is to assist tyhe person learning Kinyarwanda. It contains the vocabulary used in the Cox Grammar and also that in the Gospel of Mark (1957 edition), plus other commonly used words. In the Kinyarwanda-English section the numbers in parentheses following the words indicate the number of the lesson in the Cox Grammar in which the word was introduced.
128 pages – 10,8 MB
Marston Memorial
Historical Center and Archives
From 1944 to 1986 Elizabeth “Betty” Ellen Cox served as a missionary to equatorial Africa working for the General Missionary Board of the Free Methodist Church. Miss Cox filled many posts as a missionary, but it became apparent early on that her true gift was languages. This dictionary is one of the 52 books she worked on during her 40 years of missionary service to equatorial Africa. An account of Miss Cox’s years in Africa can be found in her autobiography, Simply Following.
The dictionary may be reproduced free of charge. Acknowledgements should include Miss Cox as its author and the Marston Memorial Historical Center as its source. It is Miss Cox’s hope that the dictionary will continue to be used as it was intended—to glorify God and bring people to Jesus.
Any attempt to reproduce this book for monetary gain is in violation of copyright law.
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