English-Lao Phrasebook with Useful Wordlist for Laotians

English-Lao Phrasebook with Useful Wordlist for Laotians
Author: Nguyen Hy Quang y otros
Publisher: Center for Applied Linguistics
Publication date: 1980
Number of pages: 159
Format: PDF / ERIC – readable
Size: 1,78 MB

English-Lao Phrasebook with Useful Wordlist (for Laotians)
Center for Applied Linguistics, Arlington, Virginia
English phrases with Lao translations are presented under the following headings: coping with the language barrier, useful forms of etiquette, giving information about yourself, recognizing signs, converting weights and measures, using numbers, dealing with money, dealing with time, locating things, describing things and people, doing things, going places, conveying information, health, food, clothing, housing, jobs, and about schools. Lao-English and English-Lao lists of useful words are appended. (JB)
English-Lao Phrasebook
Map of the United States
The 50 States and Important Cities
Unit 1 Coping with the Language Barrier
Unit 2 Useful Forms of Etiquette
Unit 3 Giving Information about Yourself
Unit 4 Recognizing Signs
Unit 5 Converting Weights and Measures
Unit 6 Using Numbers
Unit 7 Dealing with Money
Unit 8 Dealing with Time
Unit 9 Locating Things
Unit 10 Describing Things and People
Unit 11 Doing Things
Unit 12 Going Places
Unit 13 Conveying Information
Unit 14 Health
Unit 15 Food
Unit 16 Clothes
Unit 17 Housing
Unit 18 Jobs
Unit 19 About Schools
Lao-English Wordlist
English-Lao Wordlist
The English phrases in this book are grouped by subject and are selected by their directness, brevity and relevance to the needs of newly arrived residents of the United States. They are, for the most part, presented in the form of short, two-line dialogues.
The phrases and supplementary vocabulary in the 19 units cover a wide range of situations and serve to introduce new Laotian residents to the daily activities of American life. The underlined words and expressions are those who accomplish the most important language functions of the unit. The two wordlists provide terms which are most frequently needed. The two wordlists provide terms which are most frequently needed. In many phrases, the important English words and their Lao equivalents are underlined. The cassette tapes which accompany this phrasebook are available separately, and provide spoken models of both the English and Lao phrases.
As with all phrasebooks, this is not intended as a step-by-step textbook for learning English. It is intended as a handy reference book for immediate use when English phrases or words are needed.
This phrasebook is largely an adaptation of the Vietnamese-English prasebook (CAL, 1975) by Nguye Hy Quang. It is based on needs as experienced by Indochinese families who have been arriving at the United States since 1975. This Laotian edition has been adapted and translated by Khamchong Luangpraseut. The calligraphy was also made by Mr. Luangpraseut. Most of the illustrations were generously provided by Halina Luangpraseut. (ERIC)
The Center for Applied Linguistics responded to the urgent need created by the immigration of thousands of Indochinese refugees to this country by developing materials for use by the refugees and others working with them. It is our hope that this present work, designed specifically for Laotian refugees, will contribute to bridging the language and cultural barriers, and help the refugees to take their place as new members of American society.


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