explore the solar system 25 great projects activities experiments?

Title: Explore the Solar System!: 25 Great Projects, Activities, Experiments (Explore Your World series)
Author: Anita Yasuda
Publisher: Nomad Press
Publication Date: 2009-05-01
Number Of Pages: 95
Quality: Excellent
Language: English
Format: .pdf
Size: 16.5mb

From a space shuttle fashioned out of a lemonade carton and felt to a Mars rover made from a cereal box and juice cans, the variety of imaginative projects in this resource can be built with simple everyday classroom and household items. Surrounding these activities are fun facts, illustrations, and related information on each space topic—all of which meets curriculum standards for early elementary science. For young students, their families, and teachers, this expedition through the galaxy is a perfect method for introducing astronomy in a way that also stimulates creativity and curiosity.



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