Fantastic Phonics (60 storybooks)

fantastic phonics 60 storybooks?

Fantastic Phonics (60 storybooks)
Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 13MB

Fantastic Phonics program is a complete Phonics reading program – 60 books – that will take your children from the first steps through to competent reading.

The Books are firmly based on 30 years of research. This research shows that Phonics is undoubtedly the most successful approach, because it’s a systematic approach with rules that children can learn and apply.

Series One (20 storybooks) covers the basic Phonic sounds. Each story illustrates how letter combinations make predictable sounds, and they teach children how to “decode” common words using Phonics.

Series Two (20 storybooks) extends the child’s reading knowledge, with more complex Phonic decoding, double syllable words, punctuation and the introduction of spelling variations (eg, pie, high, sky).

Series Three (20 storybooks) extends your child into increasingly challenging words and sentence structure. Multi-syllable words are introduced, and sight words are increasingly introduced. Children are taught how different spellings can create the same sound ( blew, blue, too, shoe, you) – and the same spelling can create different sounds (“ou” in you, tough, though).

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