FCE Tests

fce tests?

FCE Tests
Author: Maciej Matasek
Publication date: 2008
ISBN: 9788391420720
Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 95 MB

Each test starts with a thematic text, one with a specific exercise. A rich range and variety of material used in the book form of exercise is a sentence to help the student acquire skills in solving problems of all kinds. The tests differ in content, and different types of exercises are repeated at certain intervals. This arrangement makes the book that the use of it is boring and monotonous, while forcing the student to the continuous concentration. In addition to specific
tasks such as verb forms or paraphrase, TRANSLATING SENTENCES, Gap Filling COLOCATION words or, in tests and exercises are included to allow a repeat of the lexical material in the form of phrasal verbs (phrasal verbs), idioms, prepositional phrases and colloquial. The book contains full-KEY with answers to the exercises. BOOK IN ENGLISH!


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