Frommer’s New Zealand, 6th Edition

frommers new zealand 6th edition?

Frommer’s New Zealand, 6th Edition
Author: Adrienne Rewi
Publisher: Frommer’s
Publication date: 2010
ISBN: 978-0-470-49733-3
Number of pages: 552
Format / Quality: pdf/very good
Size: 8.6mb

Written by a New Zealand resident, and full of personal insights and opinions, this guide takes you to one of the world’s most exciting ecotourism destinations! It’s much more complete and in-depth than its major competition.
Whether you’re dreaming of hiking along the Marlborough Sound, trout fishing in Lake Rotorua, driving the Milford Road, or feasting on sumptuous green-lipped mussels or succulent lamb, this detailed guide will help you plan the trip of a lifetime.
You’ll find the latest on nightlife in Auckland and Wellington and the best places to lay your head after an adventure-filled day, too.
Frommer’s New Zealand also features gorgeous color photos of the sights and experiences that await you.

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