Ghost stories (Oxford bookworms, Level 5)

ghost stories oxford bookworms level 5?

Ghost stories (Oxford bookworms, Level 5)
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You want to be scared. That’s why you read these six stories about ghosts. Darkoutside, and you’re alone in an old house. On the wall drawing a strange man with lively eyes, they are watching you. This old house has a room from which you have chills running down my spine. And this room, where long ago, someone died – suddenly. And maybe something is behind you, very close … Do not look back. You know what it is -there. And even now you really want to see something of the worst of his nightmares?
Each of these six stories takes you into the land of the dead, where you should neverbe alone, and where the past is frightening to repeat property – always.

1. Smee
2. The Judges Horse
3. The Stranger in the Mist
4. The Confession of Charles Linkworth
5. The Ghost Coach
6. Fullcircle

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