grammar connection 3 classroom presentation tool cd-rom?
Authors: Marianne Celce-Murcia, M.E. Sokolik, Jill Korey O’Sullivan
Publishers: Thomson/Heinle
File format: PPT+PDF
Size: 17.2 MB
ISBN: 1424002192

The Grammar Connection 1 Classroom Presentation Tool CD-ROM is designed to enhance the classroom learning experience. The CD-ROM includes the following:
• PowerPoint® presentations for selected lessons from the student book
• All the grammar charts from the student book
• Activity Worksheets
The presentations can be used to introduce new grammar structures or as a way of reviewing grammar structures in a follow-up class. It is a good idea to review the PowerPoint slides before presenting them to the class. This allows for the opportunity to judge the timing of the slides, length of the presentation, and to consider possible questions from the students.
The grammar charts provide clear explanations of grammar form as well as notes on usage. The charts are available as PDF files and are identical to the charts in the student book.


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