Grammar Self-Taught

grammar self-taught?

Grammar Self-Taught
Author: George A. Cevasco
Number of pages: 194
Format / Quality: Indexed PDF/HQ
Size: 6.40MB

Are you ever in doubt about how to use as and like, or I and me? Are you ever puzzled over the proper use of conjunctions, or how to use a verbal? Do you find hard to write forceful sentences? – If so, then Grammar Self-Taught is book for you. Here is one of the few complete, practical handbooks on all aspects of English Grammar for every school and home. Not only it is recommended to students of junior and senior high-school age, but it is of inestimable value to writers, businessmen, teachers, professional men, public speakers, and anybody who wants to perfect his command of English.

About the Book: The book starts with Introduction, then goes Diagnostic Test, Chapters I-XIV, Final Test and Index.
Diagnostic Test + Exercises 33 + Achievement Quizes 11. In a nutshell, you have 45 tests inside.

George A. Cevasco is a noted writer and teacher in the area of English language. A graduate of St. John’s and Fordham Universities, he is currently Assistant Professor of English at St. John’s University. He is co-author of WORDCRAFT and Functional English.


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