Grammar Troublespots: A Guide for Student Writers

grammar troublespots a guide for student writers?

Grammar Troublespots: A Guide for Student Writers
Author: Ann Raimes
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Book: 192 pages
Date: 2004
Format: PDF
Size: 21,5 MB

A new edition of Grammar Troublespots providing an excellent aid for student writers at the high-intermediate level and above. The Student’s Book helps them identify and correct the errors that they are likely to make as they write. The emphasis in this new edition is on errors made in writing formal academic discourse. The book has 21 units. Each one examines an area of grammar, such as verb tense choice, article usage, and modals, and then pinpoints the most troublesome grammar points within that area. Each unit provides a straightforward description of the grammar point, supported by clear examples, grammar charts, and tables. The two-color new edition is easy to use, with exercises such as error identification, error correction, and sentence construction tasks, consistently following each grammar point. Each unit ends with a writing assignment and a flowchart to help students diagnose their writing problems and edit their writing.


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