Happy Holiday (Key Words Reading Scheme Series A, Book 7)

happy holiday key words reading scheme series a book 7?Happy Holiday (Key Words Reading Scheme Series A, Book 7)
Author: Murray
Publisher: Ladybird Books
Publication date: 1964-06
ISBN: 0721400159
Number of pages: 56
Format: PDF
Size: 8 MB

The books were designed as materials for teaching a small child to learn to read, using a system of key phrases and words devised by teacher William Murray. Murray was an educational adviser at a borstal and later headmaster of a “school for the educationally subnormal” in Cheltenham. From research undertaken in the 1950s by Murray with Professor Joe McNally, an educational psychologist at Manchester University, Murray realised that only 12 words account for ¼, 100 words account for ½, and 300 words account for ¾, of the words used in normal speaking, reading and writing in the English language.


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