INSIDE Grammar & Language Transparencies + Practice Book (Level E)

inside grammar language transparencies practice book level e?

INSIDE Grammar & Language Transparencies + Practice Book (Level E)
Author: Hampton-Brown
Publisher: Hampton-Brown
Publication date: 2009
ISBN: 0736258809
Number of pages: 172
Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 13,8 MB

INSIDE Grammar & Language Transparencies + Practice Book (Level E)
The instructional grammar transparencies are used to teach and practice grammar. The language transfer lessons are targeted specially for English language learners and enhance grammar instruction.

1 What Do You Need for a Sentence?
2 What Is a Fragment?
3 How Can You Fix Some Fragments?
4 What Is a Sentence About?
5 What’s a Plural Noun?
6 How Do I Show Possession?
7 What Adds Action to a Sentence?
8 Which Action Verbs End in -s?
9 What Kinds of Verbs Are ‘Can’, ‘Could’, ‘May’, and ‘Might’?
10 Cumulative Review I
11 Cumulative Review II
12 Is the Subject of a Sentence Always a Noun?
13 Can a Pronoun Show “More Than One”?
14 How Do You Avoid Confusion with Pronouns?
15 – 17 How Do You Know What Verb to Use?
18 When Do You Use an Indefinite Pronoun?
19 Which Indefinite Pronouns Are Plural?
20 Which Indefinite Pronouns Are Tricky?
70 Can a Verb Act Like an Adjective?
71 What Are Participial Phrases?
72 What Is a “Dangling Participle”?
73 How Can You Improve Your Writing?
74 Can Absolutes Help Your Writing?
75 What’s a Compound-Complex Sentence?
76 Cumulative Review I
77 Cumulative Review II
78 Why Do Verbs Have So Many Forms?
79 What If an Action Happened, But You’re Not Sure When?
80 What If a Past Action Is Still Going On?
81 When Do You Use the Present Perfect Tense?
82 Do All Past Participles End in -ed?
83 How Do You Form the Present Perfect Tense?
84 How Do You Show Which Past Action Happened First?
85 How Do You Know Which Tense to Use?
86 When Do You Use the Future Perfect Tense?
87 Cumulative Review


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