LANGMaster English Reading Courses

LANGMaster English Reading Courses
Number of CD-ROMs: 13
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Platform: CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Intranet

LANGMaster COURSES are adapted from the popular Heinemann Readers. These textbooks are designed for English students from beginner to intermediate level. They provide an authentic English context and help improve the fluency and accuracy of your English.

Collins COBUILD Student’s Dictionary – The only completely recorded multimedia monolingual English dictionary. You can listen to selected text read by native English speakers. It helps you practice your pronunciation. All the headwords including examples of usage, inflected and derived forms are recorded by professional speakers.

Highlited Features – Dictionary:
283,000 recorded words
50 hours of speech
40,000 definitions, 30,000 examples
Grammar notes, examples, inflected and derived forms, explanations, phrases, phrasal verbs
All entries spoken by native English speakers
Search by entry, grammatical form or phrase
RE-WISE method

Highlighted Features – Courses:
Full story
Useful words
Practice with the story
Voice recording & play back
Interactive exercises
Full color illustrations
20 types of educational activities
Contextual link into the Collins COBUILD Student’s Dictionary
LANGMaster COURSES are enhanced with a number of multimedia features that ordinary books do not have – texts accompanied by sound, interactive exercises,
a storybook cinema, and a number of full color illustrative pictures.

Beginner Level
This level is intended for those students, who are able to use simple sentences in the present or past tense and who have at least a passive knowledge of forming questions and negatives in English. The courses are also suitable for children (10 years or older), for whom a picture dictionary with some basic words is available. For easier understanding the texts and exercises are accompanied by many illustrations. Contains: The Long Tunnel (John Milne), The Garden (Elizabeth Laird), Dangerous Journey (Alwyn Cox), Rich Man Poor Man (T.C. Jupp).

Elementary Level
This level is intended for students, who are familiar with the basic grammar and vocabulary but their knowledge is mostly passive – they have problems understanding native speakers and they recall needed words with difficulty. The course will improve their listening comprehension and pronunciation and will activate and expand their vocabulary. Contains: The Stranger (Norman Whitney), Room 13 and Other Ghost Stories (M.R. James), The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde), Riders of the Purple Sage (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle).

Intermediate Level
This level is intended for students, who have been learning English for a number of years. They have a large vocabulary and a good knowledge of grammar, but they
are still not satisfied with their ability. They are not comfortable making phone calls in English and they need to get the language under their skin. The native speakers in the recordings speak more quickly and the texts are more complicated. Contains: The Sign of Four (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), Dracula (Bram Stoker), The Speckled Band and Other Stories (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), The Woman Who Disappeared (Philip Prowse).

Read books, but multimedia ones!
Our computer rendition of the book is much like a real book, you can turn the pages like in a real book. But our book it is enhanced with many multimedia features that
an ordinary book does not have – texts accompanied by sound, interactive exercises, a “cinema,” and a number of full-color illustrative pictures.

What you see is what you hear and vice versa!
LANGMaster allows direct access to sound data. You can listen to any part of the recorded text read by a native speaker. You hear the text and read it at the same time.

You can choose from a variety of methods of practicing pronunciation!
You can record any sentence from the text using a microphone and then compare
your own pronunciation with that of a native speaker. If you have the LANGMaster Collins COBUILD Dictionary installed you can also practice the pronunciation of individual words. There are also a number of exercises accompanying the texts
of the books that will help you improve your pronunciation.

With the help of the RE-WISE method you will learn words or phrases!
The RE-WISE method is designed to help you build your vocabulary. It was developed in co-operation with experts researching problems of learning and on mathematical modeling of the processes of learning and forgetting. RE-WISE minimizes forgetting by scheduling revisions in strictly set time intervals, monitors the forgetting curves and continuously adjusts the revision schedules to a specific student and a specific fact.

All courses are linked to the LANGMaster Collins COBUILD Student’s Dictionary!
If you have the LANGMaster Collins COBUILD installed, you can access the definition (appropriate for the context of its use) of any word from the course or practice its pronunciation. Only with the dictionary will you be able to use all the features of the LANGMaster courses.

Work is easy even for computer novices!
You merely click a card tab to switch from the book to the dictionary, to activate the RE-WISE method and start learning and revising new words, or to select another book. The graphic environment is well organized and contains only a few control tools. premium folder:

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