Longmans School Grammar

longmans school grammar?

Longmans School Grammar
Author: David Salmon
Publisher: Longmans, Green, and co.
Publication date: 1899
Number of pages: 300
Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 6,1 MB

It seems to be generally conceded that English grammar is worse taught and less understood than any other subject in the school course. This is, doubtless, largely due to the kind of text-books used, which, for the most part, require methods that violate the laws of pedagogy as well as of language. There are, however, two or three English grammars that are admirable commentaries on the facts of the language, but, written from the point of view of the scholar rather than of the learner, they fail to awaken any interest in the subject, and hence are not serviceable for the class-room. My attention was first called to Longman School Grammar by a favorable notice of it in the Nation, In hope of finding an answer to the inquiry of numerous teachers for the best School grammar, I sent to the Publishers for a copy.


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