Pair-It Extreme: Dilemmas and Decisions (Grade 4)

pair-it extreme dilemmas and decisions grade 4?

Pair-It Extreme: Dilemmas and Decisions (Grade 4)
Author: Tony Bradman
Publication date: 2009
ISBN: 1419061879
Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 55 MB

Pair-It Extreme – the books that hook with extreme motivation, extreme pairing, and extreme instruction! This series engages a new generation of students in the digital age with:

– Thematic clusters of books that hook using cutting edge images, exciting topics, and recurring characters
– Genres, topics, design, structure, and instructional approach that engage boys
– An extended bridge approach which expands the opportunity to read on a topic and forges powerful connections between fiction/nonfiction texts, encouraging critical thinking

– Heroine in Hiding
– Making a Stand
– Downhill Racers
– The Super Skateplank
– What’s Your Verdict?

An eight-page teacher guide for each reader is included.

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