Psycho-Social Factors: Learning English in School

psycho-social factors learning english in school?Psycho-Social Factors: Learning English in School
Author: Kusum Sharma
Publisher: Gyan Publishing House
ISBN: 812120707X
Number of pages: 320
Format: PDF
Size: 18 MB

The present book is an attempt to peep Into the minds of young learners of English Language. English, being a second language in, India has always remained a language of
important status. Hence, a special attention has always been given to its learning, both on the part of teacher as well as the learner. Reading is one of the major important skills of language learning due to its innumerable significant aspects.
The book introduces us to the two major correlates of reading; the psychological and the socIal factors. There are many other factors affecting reading such as biological factors, but those require more of clinical treatment. Hence, these two factors are taken for study in detail. This book is a valid document developed on the basis of in-depth survey and observation of the Young English Language Learners.


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