Puzzle Time for Movers

puzzle time for movers?

Puzzle Time for Movers
Author: Jon Marks
Publisher: Delta Publishing
Publication date: July 19, 2004
ISBN: 190078372X
Number of pages: 250

Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 18 MB

The Puzzle Time series uses the fun of puzzles to teach language ranging from the alphabet and animals to the present perfect and past continuous.

There are quizzes, mazes, crosswords, mirror writing, join the dots, silhouettes and a wide range of other activities. Each puzzle is accompanied by detailed teacher’s notes.

Puzzle Time for Movers is suitable for elementary learners, aged 8 to 11 years. It includes puzzles on comparatives, superlatives, the simple past, the present continuous, must/mustn’t and numerous other grammar and vocabulary themes.


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