Mastering Use of English B2 Exams Edition

revised mastering use of english b2 exams edition
REVISED Mastering Use of English B2 Exams Edition
Authors: Georgia Graham, Anna Johnson
Publisher: Burlington Books
Number of pages: 212
Publication date: 2008
Format: RARed PDF
Size: 26,5 Mb

REVISED Mastering Use of English B2 Exams Edition is designed to consolidate and extend students’ knowledge of grammar and vocabulary for the B2-level examinations. The book has been revised to reflect the changes in the FCE exam.
This book is comprised of 28 alternating grammar and vocabulary units, 14 reviews, a glossary and four appendices. There s a variety of exercise types leading up to exam practice for the FCE, ECCE and State (KPG) exams. To help students, words and structures of special importance are highlighted, indicating that these words should be learned carefully. Useful examination strategy tips are given throughout the book.

Each unit opens with a diagnostic test page which is intended to help students assess their strengths and weaknesses, in the grammar units, the diagnostic test is followed by two pages of detailed grammar rules and a Common Mistakes feature. The units follow a comprehensive grammar syllabus, covering the structures tested in the B2-level examinations.

The vocabulary units are all based on topics which commonly appear on exams at this level. The units practise topic vocabulary, easily confused words, useful collocations and phrasal verbs.

After every two units, there is a review with exercises in B2-level examination format.

The following can be found at the back of the book:
• glossary of the vocabulary units containing English and Greek definitions with example sentences to show typical usage. The definitions provided in the glossary reflect the context in which the words and phrases are used in the book.
• four appendices:
– a list of irregular verbs,
– a comparison of British and American English,
– common prefixes and suffixes,
– a list of prepositions and prepositional phrases.


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