Singapore English: A grammatical description

singapore english a grammatical description?

Singapore English: A grammatical description
Author->Edited by: Lisa Lim
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company
Publication date: 2004
Size: 1.77 MB
Format: PDF / Excellent

There are not many these days who are not acquainted with Singapore English (SE) – often fondly referred to as Singlish:1 much scholarly research has been published on it; it figures in current surveys of varieties of English as well as in textbooks; it has a listing in dictionaries, and even has dedicated websites. What is the need then for yet another volume on Singapore English? This volume is particular because its description of structural features of Singapore English is based on a large corpus of naturally-occurring spontaneous speech of young, native speakers of Singapore English, and hence what the reader will find in this volume is a description of a vibrant, current, contemporary, colloquial Singapore English, spoken by the Singapore English speaker of today, that is, those young Singaporeans who grew up during a period where, for all their school-going years, they have had to be what has been referred to as “English-knowing bilinguals” (Pakir 1992), that is, they have had to be proficient in English and their ‘mother tongue’ (these notions to be expounded upon in Section 1.2.2).

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