So You Want to be a Teacher?: A Guide for Prospective Student Teachers

so you want to be a teacher a guide for prospective student teachers?

So You Want to be a Teacher?: A Guide for Prospective Student Teachers
Author: Fred Sedgwick
Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd
Publication date: 2008-07-15
ISBN: 1412945089
Number of pages: 112
Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 3 MB

If you are interested in a career in teaching but not sure where to start, this book is the perfect guide. Written for anybody considering taking an initial teacher training course, this down-to-earth book is a straightforward and very helpful manual which will take you through all the stages of choosing a course, preparing for training and completing the course itself. It is a comprehensive and supportive guide to help you decide whether teaching is the career for you, and to what you can expect in the job.

Chapters include:

o What is a teacher?
o The good news about teaching – working with children
o Routes to qualified teacher status and how to choose the right one for you
o Help with study skills, including essay writing, organisation and record-keeping
o How to survive your teaching placements
o Developing your professionalism
o Coping with the bad news – teacher workload, bureaucracy and stress
o How to get your first job

Written in an engaging and humorous – but above all, supportive – style, the book is essential pre-course reading for prospective student teachers.


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