Spotlight 3 (DVD ROM)

spotlight 3 dvd rom?Spotlight 3 (DVD ROM)
Format / Quality: EXE
Size: 1,16 GB

Spotlight Primary (1-4) is a course for teaching English at early primary levels. Young learners will be captivated by the adventures of Lulu, Larry and their pet chimp, Chuckles. “Spotlight 3” is a fun exercise book which presents, revises and consolidates the language taught in the third year of learning English as a foreign language.
The DVD ROM, which is compatible with Interactive Whiteboards, contains animated stories, cartoons and songs, grammar rules and. of course, vocabulary and grammar exercises. It also contains various fun, interactive activities to do before, during and after studying the coursebook lessons. This DVD ROM is suitable for individual use at home, as well as in class.

all in 1 part
all in 6 parts

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