Teaching Collocation

teaching collocations?

Teaching Collocation
Author: Jane Conzett
Publisher: Thomson Heinle Language Teaching Publications ELT
Publication date: January 1, 2000
ISBN: 189939611X
Number of pages: 248

Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 106 MB

Teaching Collocations extends the ideas first proposed in The Lexical Approach and developed in Implementing the Lexical Approach. It is essentially practical with many sample activities and exercises. Teachers describe what they are already doing in their classes. Their stories provide a guide for other teachers on how they too can introduce real change into their classrooms.

Part 1 consists of papers by classroom teachers describing how they:

* introduce collocations to learners
* help learners notice and record the most useful language in a text
* help learners get the best out of their vocabulary notebooks
* prepare learners to write essays
* provide concrete feedback on written and oral work
* choose examples which really help learners
* use computer concordances to develop a real feel for English

Part 2 provides a summary of the theoretical background to what we now know about language and learning. The practical implications of recent changes in our understanding are discussed in an accessible but challenging way. Among the questions discussed are:

* What kinds of collocations are there and which are most useful to learners? Why is the traditional division into grammar and vocabulary unsatisfactory?
* Is understanding enough, or is the focus on form – noticing – essential?
* How can we widen the grammar syllabus beyond the few structures of a standard EFL syllabus?

The Lexical Approach posed many challenges to what was standard practice in language classrooms. Teaching Collocations shows teachers how they can implement changes which will help their students learn and use English more effectively.



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