The Big Book of NLP Expanded

the big book of nlp expanded 350 techniques patterns strategies of neuro linguistic programming?

The Big Book of NLP Expanded
350+ Techniques, Patterns & Strategies of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Author: Shlomo Vaknin, Marina Schwarts
Publisher: Inner Patch Publishing
Publication date: 2010
ISBN: 9657489083
Number of pages: 828
Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 22 MB

“A short NLP seminar will cost you at least $4,500. In this book you invest less than $0.25 per NLP technique, that can literally change your life. That’s a bargain!” –Thomas Landmark, Revolucni NLP

828 pages of practical NLP.

At last, a concise encyclopedia of NLP patterns!

The Big Book Of NLP, Expanded, contains more than 350 techniques, patterns & strategies written in an easy, step-by-step format.
The methods include a full array of the fundamentals that every practitioner needs, such as the Swish pattern and The Phobia Cure, as well as advanced and unique patterns, such as The Nested Loops method and Learning Strategies. Many of these techniques were never published before and cannot be found elsewhere.
Perhaps more important, and unlike most other NLP books and programs, the patterns are written with great care and testing to ensure that they are clear and can be followed immediately.

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