The International Student’s Guide – Studying in English at University

the international students guide - studying in english at university?

The International Student’s Guide – Studying in English at University
Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd
Date: 2004
Pages: 320
Format: pdf
Size: 3.66 MB
Target language:English

This book is intended for students from all language backgrounds other than English, attending or preparing to attend a university where the medium of instruction is English, particularly in the UK.
The International Student’s Guide aims to help readers succeed at university, by sharing the experiences of many
students. Every student is unique, with different abilities and needs. With this in mind, the authors offer practical information and help on a range of aspects of study. They focus on both spoken and written forms of communication, and deal with the approaches to thinking and learning which students will meet in higher education in the UK system.
Written by experienced lecturers in language and learning, the book offers a wealth of advice and guidance on topics such as:
– ways of learning
– how to make the most of your own strengths
– working in seminars and groups
– writing in different forms, disciplines and at different levels
– assessment techniques such as exams and oral presentations.
Whether you are embarking on a pre-degree foundation course or a postgraduate programme, this book will help you manage all the challenging aspects of studying through the medium of another language, in a new and different environment.
This book is for students studying at any level in English on Foundation courses, on degree programmes, undergraduate or postgraduate, or on pre-masters programmes. It could be used in EAP classes and on summer courses and pre-entry programmes or for self study. It could also be used for staff-development purposes with lecturers teaching students from different language backgrounds. It is assumed that the reader already has a grasp of English at least equivalent to IELTS 4.5 or 5 or TOEFL 450-500 (130-170 on the computerised test).


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