The Story of Writing

The Story of Writing
Author: Nita Berry
Publisher: Children Book’s Trust
Publication date: 2004
ISBN: 8170117968
Number of pages: 140

Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 16 MB

When and why did mankind begin to write? What did he write with? How did writing become a vital tool of learning, for everyday use and for storing information?
When did it become an important factor in human cultural progress, being used on a bigger scale for literary, scientific, legal and administrative purposes? And finally, when did it become an efficient and powerful system of communication?

Communities have developed,from old times to the new,different writing styles.Some write from right to left andsome from left to right: the Mexicans write from bottom to top. Each language has evolved from the needs of the people, their environmentand the tools available to them.Writing reflects certain cultural aspects.The cave drawings make the beginning.From these to alphabets, to languages,calligraphy and printing with its technology—the journey has taken many long centuries.This is the story of that journey.

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