Working Americans, 1880-1999: Volume 2-The Middle Class

Working Americans, 1880-1999: Volume 2-The Middle Class
Author :Scott Derks
Publisher: Grey House Publishing
File Type: PDF
File Size: 40.7 MB

This Second Volume in the Working Americans, 1880-1999 series focuses on the social and economic lives of the Middle Class. This volume captures the struggles of the middle class from the last twelve decades, a vast array of ethnic backgrounds and broad coverage of the nation. Covering jobs in several different types of occupational groups, from an architect to a tug boat captain, a newspaper editor to a minister, this volume provides a unique portrait of the lifestyles of middle class families that is not available in any other resource.
Each chapter focuses on one decade and profiles three to five middle class families. Each Family Profile details:
* Income & Standard Jobs
* Selected Pricing
* Budgets of Individuals
* Family Finances
* Life at Work
* Life at Home
* Life in the Community
You’ll also find information on:
* Amusements
* Community Living
* National Current Events
* Local News
* and much more
Working Americans, 1880-1999: Volume II – The Middle Class presents an interesting and useful compilation of portraits of the middle class and will be an important addition to any high school, public or academic library reference collection.

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