Mission Europe – Misja Kraków (Spanish version)

mission europe - misja krak243w learn polish on spanish?

Mission Europe – Misja Kraków (Spanish version)
Published: RFI, Deutsche Welle, Polskie Radio S.A., Radiofabrik, 2008
Language: Spanish, Polish
Format: MP3, PDF
Audio: 128 Kbps, 2 channels, 44.1 KHz
size: 126 Mb

A group of history gangsters wants to keep Poland from joining the European Union. Suzanna’s mission is to stop the gang. During her mission, she becomes acquainted with Poland’s language and culture.
Suzanna regains consciousness in the cabin of a ship on the River Vistula. She finds a message in a bottle saying, ” Znajdz sekretna komnate w zamku na Wzgórzu Wawelskim a dowiesz sie, jak ocalic Polske.” A mysterious message that have something to do with a castle and a deck of playing cards: clubs, spades, diamond and hearts.The playing cards are also the key to three mysterious doors that lead to a circus in Warsaw, a lake in the Mazury district and the Hel Peninsula.
Luckily, Suzanna is not alone. Our heroine is the main character in a computer game and she gets help from a player. He’s sitting in front of a computer and tells Suzanna where to go. He helps her find words and expressions to solve the card riddle and save modern Poland. The first clues lead her to a violin player and a mysterious “turning” room in the Krakow’s Wawel Castle. To save Poland from nostalgia she has to go through three mysterious doors leading her through space to a circus in Warsaw, at a lake in the Mazury district, in the harbor of Gdansk and in the Tatra mountains.
– 26 episodes with audio and PDF
– exersises
– short explanations and grammar



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