Jen Nia Mondo (1&2)

jen nia mondo 12?Jen Nia Mondo (1&2)
Author: John Wells
Publisher: Group Five Esperanto
Publication date: 1977
Format: pdf + mp3
Size: 146 mb

The material was created in the early 70’s with the goal of broadcasting it from student radio stations, which actually happened at the University of Essex, before the publication in book form. The style and the spirited contents of the lessons, which come in the form of a dialogue, reflect that mood. The materials became an amusing and attractive instructional tool. The grammar is concisely presented using short English explanations and relevant examples immediately after the lesson texts. The writing exercises mainly consist of translation exercises and fill-in-the-blanks drills. For clarification of the vocabulary, parallel with the text, there is a bilingual word list at the edge of the page, and at the end of the book there is a dictionary with an index of lesson numbers. The first book, in addition to the English version, also appeared in Icelandic, Italian, and Swedish versions. The English sound materials are good, with samples of speech. We can’t say the same about the Italian version, which has strong national language accents. We don’t have information about the other two languages. The teaching material is suitable for self-learners.

book 1
book 2

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