Teach Yourself Esperanto

teach yourself esperanto?

Teach Yourself Esperanto
Author: John Cresswell and John Hartley
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton (UK)/NTC Publishing Group (US)
Date: 1987
Pages: 259
Format: ZIP -> PDF (4 PDFs: 34.4MB+876KB+5.4MB+7.9MB)
Size: 45.2 MB zipped, 48.57 MB unzipped
Target language: Esperanto
Source language: English

“Esperanto is the auxiliary language created by a Polish oculist, Dr. L. L. Zamanhof (1859-1917), and first published in 1887 … His contention was, that we must first find some solution to the “language problem”. Not until we have settled this comparatively minor matter can we begin to understand each other across the frontiers and then to discuss the grave social and economic problems which face us. Esperanto is intended as a simple second language for all mankind…”(from the Introductory Lesson)

If you’re downloading this book, you surely know all about Esperanto already. It’s widely regarded as the best Teach Yourself book ever published.

There are 4 separate PDFs contained within the zip file:

1. Lessons
2. Appendix
3. Key to exercises
4. Vocabulary

Note: This is the revised 3rd edition, revised by J.H. Sullivan. No audio.

Big thanks to Guido88 for the scan!


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