Harjoitus tekee mestarin 4:lisäharjoituksia yleiseen kielitutkintoon valmistautumista varten

harjoitus tekee mestarin 4?

Harjoitus tekee mestarin 4:
lisäharjoituksia yleiseen kielitutkintoon valmistautumista varten

Author: Marja-Liisa Saunela
Publication date: 2008
Number of pages: 147
Format: pdf
Size: 6.666 MB
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Harjoitus tekee mestarin (Practice Makes Perfect) is a series of four exercise books designed for foreigners who already master the basics of the Finnish language and want to strengthen and cultivate their skills. The books aim at a good mastery over Finnish by means of repetition, variable exercises and day-to-day language and they are especially designed for those who are preparing for the language proficiency test (intermediate level). The books can be used with all textbooks, and they can be used as well in class as independently.

Practice Makes Perfect 4: Exercises for the Rehearsing for the Language Proficiency Test The fourth book of the series is designed for those preparing for the language proficiency test of Finnish (intermediate level). The exercises adapt the exercises of the real tests and are therefore perfect to rehearse and strengthen the skills required. They help to practice comprehending different texts, mastering various structures and producing small texts of one’s own. The book contains keys to exercises.


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