Līvõ kēļ

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Līvõ kēļ
Author: Kersti Boiko
Publisher: Līvu Savienība (Līvõd Īt)
Publication date: 2000
Number of pages: 166
Format/Quality: PDF (RARed)
Size: PDF: 3,94 Mb, RAR: 3,66 Mb

Livonian (līvõ kēļ or rāndakēļ) belongs to the Finnic branch of the Uralic languages. It is a severely endangered language, with its last native speaker having died in 2013.[3][4] It is closely related to Estonian. The native land of the Livonian people is Livonia, located in Latvia, in the north of the Kurzeme peninsula.
Some ethnic Livonians are learning or have learned the language in an attempt to revive it, but as ethnic Livonians are a small minority, opportunities to use Livonian are limited. The Estonian newspaper Eesti Päevaleht erroneously announced that Viktors Bertholds, who died on 28 February 2009, was the last native speaker who started the Latvian-language school as a monolingual.[5] Some other Livonians recently argued, though, that there are some native speakers left,[6] including Viktors Bertholds’ cousin, Grizelda Kristiņa. Kristiņa died in 2013.[7] An article published by the Foundation for Endangered Languages in 2007 stated that there were only 182 registered Livonians and a mere six native speakers. In a 2009 conference proceeding, it was mentioned that there could be “at best 10 living native” speakers of the language.[8]

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