Teach Yourself French Grammar

teach yourself french grammar?

Teach Yourself French Grammar
Author: E. S. Jenkins
Publisher: English Universities Press LTD.
Publication date: 1971 (1961)
Number of pages: 191
Source language : English
Target language : French
Format / Quality: scanned PDF/ quite good
Size: 7.5 MB


This Grammar is not intended for absolute beginners who are learning a language for the first time. The reader should have worked conscientiously through a course such as ‘Teach Yourself French’ or already made some progress in the language.
The book is fairly exhaustive and the author has made an honest attempt to include the fruits of many years of teaching the French language.

Table of Contents:


Chapter I. The Noun
Chapter II. The Articles
Chapter III. Adjectives
Chapter IV. The Verb
Chapter V. Adverbs
Chapter VI. Pronouns
Chapter VII. Prepositions
Chapter VIII. Conjunctions
Chapter IX. The Weather, Time of Day, Ages, Date, Etc.
Chapter X. Interjections
Chapter XI. Word Order in French
Chapter XII. Constructions with French Verbs


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