A Brief German Grammar With Exercises

a brief german grammar with exercises?A Brief German Grammar With Exercises
Author: Hjalmar Edgren, Laurence Fossler
Publisher: American book company
Publication date: 1897
Number of pages: 203
Format: pdf
Size: 5,8 MB

Tffls brief Grammar is designed for high school and college students, or students of equivalent training. It aims to prepare the way for critical reading, or for practice in writing and speaking, on the basis of a systematic knowledge of the essentials of German grammar and syntax and the elements of a German vocabulary rationally acquired. The somewhat detailed rules of pronunciation are intended to be a sufficient aid even for self-instruction. In points of varying usage in pronunciation, Vietor Aussprache des Schritdeutschen, German Pronunciation, etc.) has been followed as authority. The ordinary division of inflection and conjugation into Old and New has been adhered to, though reduced to its simplest terms, so as to be easily grasped and retained.


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