Teach Yourself Doric

teach yourself doric scots?

Teach Yourself Doric
Author: Douglas Kynoch
Publisher: State Mutual Book & Periodical Service
Publication date: 1990
Number of pages: 79
Format / Quality: Book – PDF, OCR’ed; Audio – RAR, 320kbps
Size: PDF – 1.91mb; RAR – 59.8mb

Besides stimulating interest in Doric, a traditional dialect of spoken Scots, the main aim of this book is to entertain. Idioms, sayings, nursery and playground rhymes and an extensive glossary are provided. This text is also available as part of a book/cassette giftpack (ISBN 1-898218-17-X). “Teach Yourself Doric” went straight to the top of the best-sellers list on publication and since then demand has been almost insatiable, leading to this new edition. With tongue firmly in cheek, this lively book introduces and celebrates the dialogue of the north-east of Scotland. Now back in print, with a complete face-lift!


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