Veretski Pass Traditional East European Jewish Music

veretski pass traditional east european jewish music?

Veretski Pass
Traditional East European Jewish Music

Author: Veretski Pass
Publisher: Golden Horn Records
Date: 2004
Format: mp3 @320kbps + booklet scans
Size: ca 130 mb

01. Tyachiver Sirba (Ukrainian-Jewish / arr. Segelstein) 2:11
02. Sólyom Pál (Romanian-Hungarian) 2:28
03. Araynfir Introduction (comp. Segelstein) 0:24
04. Kroilid Karaite Song 1:44
05. Fir Strunes Forshpil Four String Prelude (comp. Segelstein) 0:45
06. Fir Strunes Four Strings (arr. Segelstein) 1:48
07. Horowitz Geveyn Horowitz’s Lament (comp. Horowitz) 3:01
08. Hershfelds Bulgar (Jewish) 2:01
09. Segelsteins Geveyn Segelstein’s Lament (Tatar / arr.Segelstein ) 3:03
10. Lid fun dem Shvartsen Yam Black Sea Song 1:36
11. Tatarisher Longa Tatar Longa 2:00
12. Papir Is Dokh Vays Paper is White (Jewish) 2:05
13. Libus Nign Libu’s Melody (Jewish) 0:48
14. Berols Rikudl Berol’s Dance (Jewish) 0:44
15. Veretskier Raca (comp. Segelstein/Carpathian Ukraine) 1:10
16. Vinnitser Sher (Jewish-Ukrainian) 4:46
17. Ikh Lig Hinter Grates I Stand behind Bars (Jewish) 1:38
18. Horowitz Forshpil Horowitz’s Prelude (comp. Horowitz) 2:22
19. Yosls Terkisher (comp. Moskowitz/Jewish) 2:42
20. Makonovetskiis Skotshne (Jewish) 1:55
21. Hutzulska Pisnia Hutzul Song (comp. Segelstein) 0:16
22. Veretskier Kolomeyke (Ukrainian/arr. Segelstein) 2:43
23. Pizni Vesilni Zvuky Bullets at the Wedding (Ukrainian, arr. Segelstein) 2:43
24. Tyachiver 7:40 (Ukrainian-Jewish) 2:17
25. Dovha Doroha The Long Road (Ukrainian) 0:25
26. Zakarpatska Kozachok Transcarpathian Cossack Dance (Ukrainian/arr. Segelstein) 2:26
27. Hora Midor (Jewish) 2:32
28. Tiraspoler Bulgar (Jewish) 1:17
29. Fanfara Suceava (Romanian) 1:19
30. Stanislaver Bulgar (Jewish) 2:13

Cookie Segelstein – violin, viola
Joshua Horowitz – button accordion, tsimbl
Stuart Brotman – bass, basy, baraban
With Eastern European roots that go back centuries, when Jews and Gentiles made music together before anyone thought of calling it “world music”, Veretski Pass offers a unique and exciting combination of virtuosic musicianship and raw energy that has excited concertgoers across the world. Between the three members of this band, there are eight instruments on stage; violin, viola, two tsimbls (hammered dulcimer) , 19th century button accordion, bass, bassetl (three stringed bass), basy (three stringed Polish folk cello) and baraban (Jewish style drum).
Playing in an unbound, energetic “village style”, this band of veterans plays klezmer music of historical Eastern Europe on original instruments; melodies from Ukraine, Carpathian-Ruthenia, Bessarabia and Rumania. Much of this rare music has been gleaned from field recordings gathered by the musicians themselves in numerous trips throughout Europe. With its colorful instrumentation and unique arrangements, this seminal ensemble carries on the ancient tradition of klezmer musicians, playing music of all kinds, but with a recognizable Jewish sound.
Carefully researched regional styles combined with unrestrainable energy gives this group it’s unique sound, which has been called “raw, naked and unashamed”. The music is always fresh, because nothing is fixed except the style. Veretski Pass is capturing audiences everywhere with it’s spontaneous and explosive renditions of the lost repertoire of Eastern European Jewry.

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