A Greek Grammar

a greek grammar?~

A Greek Grammar
Author: William W. Woodwin
Publication Date: 1900
Number of pages: 488
Format / Quality: .pdf (Good)
Size: 8.32 MB
Source Language:English


from an a m a z o n . c o m review:
I purchased an 1879 edition from a second hand bookseller and found it an excellent resource. Because it quickly started to disintegrate I purchased a new copy for everyday (amateur)use. I found Goodwin’s prose very readable. I use this in preference to Smyth and Messing because Goodwin is less exhaustive, more compact, and easier (for me) to follow. Smyth and Messing appears to be an excellent reference for the professional, but has so much information I find it bewildering in comparison to Goodwin (I’m not a professional Greekist). The recent Oxford University Press Greek Grammar by James Morwood is also well worth the low price, but so concise (a great virtue) it leaves me hungry for more (a successful book). I found myself turning to Goodwin after having my curiosity peeked by Morwood, and turning to Smyth and Messing when puzzled (rarely) by Goodwin. I find it interesting that many of the same sentence examples appear in all three volumes. Ranked from most accessible for self-study to most complete they seem to go Morwood, then Goodwin, then Smyth and Messing. But this is an amateur’s opinion. Each one is very useful in a different way. Overall I found Goodwin’s older work both charming and helpful

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