Audio for GCSE in Greek (I and II)

audio for gcse in greek i and ii?

Audio for GCSE in Greek (I and II)
Author: EDIAMME (Margaríta Louká)
Publisher: EDIAMME, Panepistémion Krétes
Publication date: 2008
Format / Quality: mp3 / faultless
Size: 55 MB

A series of recordings preparing for the listening examination for the General Certificate in Secondary Education (GCSE) in Modern Greek, developped by the “Centre of Intercultural and Migration Studies” of the University of Crete.

It is aimed at learners of B2-C1 level, but – since it is recorded solely in Greek and by native speakers- it can also be ideally used independently, for self-study and general listening comprehension.

The accompanying units of the books for the course are downloadable here, free of charge:
Student’s book for GCSE I:,188,0,0,1,0
Exercise book for GCSE I:,264,0,0,1,0
Student’s book for GCSE II:,252,0,0,1,0
Exercise book for GCSE II:,253,0,0,1,0


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