Going on [HAU Greek course, BETA]

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Going on [HAU Greek course, BETA]
Author: I. Diakoumé, Chr. Paraskevopoúlou, Agl. Pavlopoúlou
Publisher: HAU
Publication date: 2004
Number of pages: 185+103
Format / Quality: .pdf[OCR]+.mp3/very good
Size: 27 MB [books] + 326 MB

This is a two-levels, four-parts course for Modern Greek as a foreign language, conceived and published by the teaching staff of the “Hellenic American Union” (Athens, GR).

The second part, “ΣΥΝΕΧΙΖΟΝΤΑΣ (Going on)”, suitable for INTERMEDIATE and HIGHER INTERMEDIATE learners [levels B1 and B2] consists of:
– student’s book;
– exercise book;
– audio to both the student’s and the exercise book.

NOTE to the learner:
This method uses US-styled “colloquial learning means” and graphics to a fatiguing extent. Be also warned for occasional errors in the use of Greek, due again to Americanisms.


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